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What makes Velstone stand out from other solid surfaces?

Velstone solid surfaces aren't just beautiful, they're built to perform. Velstone achieves the highest fire rating (Class '0' as per BS476 Part 6 and Class '1' as per BS476 Part 7), providing exceptional fire resistance. It boasts the highest breaking strength in the "Drop Ball Test," demonstrating exceptional resistance to impact and heavy use. It also has tailored thickness options, including 6mm, 13mm, 25mm, and 30mm, to suit a specific application and design requirements.

What applications can Velstone be used for?

Velstone can be used for a wide range of applications, including hotels, student accommodation, education, laboratories, airports, healthcare establishments, retail environments, kitchens, bathrooms and cruise ships. It is also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens in offsite and modular construction thanks to straight forward assembly.

Are your surfaces available in custom sizes and colours?

Yes, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes, including custom options to match specific design themes, meaning each installation can be customised to suit any specific branding requirements of the institution to enhance the learning environment.

What lead times do you offer?

Velstone offers competitive lead times, especially for our popular modular product services such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laboratory surfaces. However, lead times can vary depending on factors such as colour choice, and lead times may be slightly extended for specific colours or custom finishes. Contact us today to discuss your project and get an accurate timeframe.

Am I able to buy single sheets of your solid surface?

We understand that you might just want our solid surface distributed to you as a single sheet, or sheets. That’s why Velstone is available as a sheet, and we can deliver your sheet material straight to you.

Can I request a sample of Velstone's full colour range?

Absolutely! We offer samples showcasing our extensive range of colours so that you can see and feel the quality and beauty of Velstone firsthand. Request your sample box today by contacting us at info@Velstone.com or calling 0208 8614422.

Can Velstone match existing colours from RAL, Dulux, or a specific object?

Yes! Velstone excels at colour matching. We can achieve this in a few ways, including precisely matching colours from popular colour systems like RAL and Dulux. We can also match by sample; if you have a physical object with the desired colour, send us a digital image or the object itself, and we'll create a matching Velstone surface. Please note that lead times will be extended.

Can I use dark solid colours like black, green, blue, or red for countertops?

When using dark solid colours on horizontal surfaces like countertops there are a few things to consider. Dark, high-gloss finishes are more prone to showing minor scratches and imperfections, while maintaining a flawless finish on dark, high-gloss surfaces requires more frequent cleaning and polishing. While Velstone can manufacture dark solid colours, we recommend considering these factors. We offer a wide range of lighter colours and finishes that might better suit your needs.

Can Velstone be used outdoors for signage or wall cladding?

Yes, provided it is correctly installed. Our solid surfaces have been tested for simulated outdoor exposure. The non-porous nature of Velstone means as wall cladding it is perfect for public spaces. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage as the material will last a lifetime and will be maintenance-free, with only a quick wipe down removing any dirt that might get on it. Like most polymer-based products, Velstone may experience some weathering over time when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

Are your solid surfaces fire-resistant?

Yes, Velstone surfaces hold BS Part 476 Class 0 and Class 1 Fire ratings, which are among the highest in the industry.

What makes your solid surfaces perfect for HTM 63 specification?

Typically, a standard laminate worktop with a square edge banded laminate strip will show a joint, due to the limitations in manufacture. Our solid surface material does not have such limitations, so the joint is seamless. Our surfaces also offer greater heat and moisture resistance with enhanced durability.

Are your surfaces easy to clean and maintain?

Velstone offers non-porous, easy-to-clean, and highly durable surfaces that are tailor-made for the demanding conditions. Our solid surface is manufactured using high-quality materials and tested rigorously to ensure it withstands high traffic and daily wear and tear, keeping it always looking as good as new.

Can Velstone solid surfaces be repaired on-site?

Yes, most 25mm Velstone surfaces can be repaired on-site. In cases where damage does occur, we provide affordable repair kits that make it easy to restore surfaces to their original condition, ensuring continuous use without the need for costly replacements.

Can I use Velstone for flooring?

Absolutely! Velstone can be a beautiful and functional choice for flooring applications. However, to ensure optimal performance, the correct thickness and installation techniques must be used.

Can Velstone be thermoformed for curved shapes?

Yes, Velstone can be thermoformed to create unique curved shapes and design elements, with the minimum bending radius dependent on the thickness and width of the sheet. However, it's important to follow the correct thermoforming procedure to achieve optimal results.

Will there be slight colour variations between Velstone sheets?

While we strive for consistency, there's a possibility of slight shade variations between different batches of Velstone. This is because one of the core materials is a natural mineral.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 10-year limited warranty on our solid surface, ensuring long-lasting quality and peace of mind.

“Velstone supplied us with a nice, good quality solid surface for the ADORA MAGIC CITY project in China which was easy to fabricate.”


“Velstone, led by the outstanding team of Sameer and Alex, is an exceptional supplier for our business. The materials and service we receive consistently exceed our expectations, ensuring our projects run smoothly.”

Paul Harrison, Needs Ltd, UK

“JMP Furniture Solutions Ltd have been using Velstone on various projects for several years, Great company to work with, the team have great product knowledge. Would highly recommend.”

Mick Fowler – JMP Furniture, UK

“We have a long standing relationship with Velstone. They offer a professional & reliable service. Great technical support for all our installation projects.”

Clare Whitehurst (Klick Technology)

“We have been working with Velstone for about 14 years on various laboratory projects and they always provide a professional and friendly service.”

David Robinson (Shield Interiors, UK)

“We have used Velstone on many of our contracts, it’s a great product and they offer a reliable service, would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Mark Chapman – (Rowlinson Construction, UK)