What is a Velstone Laboratory Worktop?

Velstone not only has the capability of producing 25mm thick sheets, but can also supply cut-to-size, factory machined and ready to install 25mm laboratory worktops to drawings. Velstone currently supplies to some of the leading Laboratory furniture makers in UK. Velstone offer a non-porous, solid surface solution that meets the stringent demands of laboratory environments Cost-effective due to factory pre-finishing Supplied and ready to install.

Recommended Materials

30-Soft White

Soft White


113-Silver Ash

Silver Ash


1408-Silver Dust

Silver Dust


5092 Pack Ice












Black Opal

Black Opal


Why Choose Velstone Laboratory Worktops?

Our advanced laboratory worktops offer numerous benefits:

  • No joints or gaps that collect dust and dirt, maintaining a sterile environment.
  • Scratches and stains can be easily removed, ensuring longevity and a consistently clean appearance.
  • Accidental damages are easily repaired, reducing the need for replacements.
  • Enhanced heat and moisture resistance makes these worktops ideal for laboratory settings.
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Designed for Laboratories

Designed to surpass conventional standards, our worktops offer:

  • Consistent Structure: The 25mm surface is solid throughout, requiring no additional support or substructure.
  • Manufacturing Efficiency: Velstone can supply tops with factory machined sink cut-outs, sink lids, gas/tap holes all as per specification.
  • Cost Efficiency: Factory prefabrication provides significant cost savings.

Typical Areas of Use

Thanks to their versatility, our laboratory worktops can be used in various settings:

  • Fixed Perimeter Benching: Perfect for scientific and medical labs due to its non-porous and durable surface.
  • Student & Pedestal Tables: Ideal for heavy-duty use in educational labs.
  • Teachers’ Desks: Provides a robust and clean surface for educational environments.
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Standard Sizes and Customization

Velstone Laboratory Worktops are manufactured to fit your specified design:

  • Custom Dimensions: Although there’s theoretically no maximum size, practicality dictates a maximum single piece length of 3000mm.
  • Stock Sizes: Standard sizes include 2440 x 600 x 25mm, 3050 x 750 x 25mm, and 2440 x 900 x 25mm.
  • Colour Availability: A variety of standard and custom colours are available.

Technical Specifications

Properties Specification
Thickness 25mm
Heat Resistance Excellent
Moisture Resistance High
Standard Sizes 2440 x 600, 3050 x 600, 2440 x 900
Warranty 10 years

Helpful Answers To Most Common Questions

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How is Velstone different from other solid surfaces?

Our advanced laboratory worktops are renowned for their advanced design. Velstone offers the highest fire rating, superior breaking strength for drop ball tests, custom colours, and sizes along with excellent resistance to wear and tear.

What makes your solid surfaces different to traditional for laboratory tops?

Traditional solid surface laboratory tops are manufactured using 3-13mm thick solid surface material bonded on 25mm thick MDF. The fabrication process, however, is labour intensive and expensive. Velstone has developed a solid 25mm thick product which does not need conventional fabrication or MDF support.

Can you match the colours of other products?

Yes, we can match RAL, Dulux colours, digital images, or objects for exact colour matching to make your surface completely bespoke. However, the lead time will be affected by the choice of colour.

Can you send a sample box?

Yes, contact Velstone at info@Velstone.com or 0208 8614422 to request a sample case.

“Velstone supplied us with a nice, good quality solid surface for the ADORA MAGIC CITY project in China which was easy to fabricate.”


“Velstone, led by the outstanding team of Sameer and Alex, is an exceptional supplier for our business. The materials and service we receive consistently exceed our expectations, ensuring our projects run smoothly.”

Paul Harrison, Needs Ltd, UK

“JMP Furniture Solutions Ltd have been using Velstone on various projects for several years, Great company to work with, the team have great product knowledge. Would highly recommend.”

Mick Fowler – JMP Furniture, UK

“We have a long standing relationship with Velstone. They offer a professional & reliable service. Great technical support for all our installation projects.”

Clare Whitehurst (Klick Technology)

“We have been working with Velstone for about 14 years on various laboratory projects and they always provide a professional and friendly service.”

David Robinson (Shield Interiors, UK)

“We have used Velstone on many of our contracts, it’s a great product and they offer a reliable service, would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Mark Chapman – (Rowlinson Construction, UK)

Our Materials

A natural, 100% non-porous product for the perfect seamless solid surface

Velstone’s core is natural mineral, Alumina Tri-Hydrate, known for fire safety and strength. It’s blended with advanced resins and cast using cutting-edge technology to create a non-porous surface that resists bacteria growth, perfect for hygiene-conscious spaces.