Why Choose Velstone Surfaces for Educational Environments

Our premium high-quality solid surfaces are a cost-effective choice for schools and universities aimed at optimising both performance and aesthetics thanks to being:

  • 25mm thick material
  • Hygienic and easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and resistant to wear
  • Available in various colours and finishes
  • Fire-resistant properties

Recommended Materials

5092 Pack Ice



1408-Silver Dust

Silver Dust


30-Soft White

Soft White


113-Silver Ash

Silver Ash


Durability in High-Traffic Areas

Educational institutions require materials that not only look good but can also endure constant use. Our solid surfaces are highly resistant to scratches, stains, and impacts, ensuring they maintain their appearance over time. Their 25mm thickness means they can be used for a variety of applications within busy educational buildings, from classrooms and laboratories to cafeterias and libraries.

food lab
corner desk
science lab

Customisable Aesthetic Options

While our 25mm solid surface ticks all the boxes when it comes to functionality, our range of colours and finishes allows designers and architects to create inspiring learning spaces that motivate both students and staff. From seamless worktops in science labs to elegant reception areas, our products can be tailored to match the existing decor or introduce fresh colour schemes.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Safety is of huge importance in demanding educational environments, and our 25mm thick surfaces are designed with this in mind. Velstone meets various international standards for fire resistance, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance, ensuring the material is safe for use in schools and universities where student safety is a priority.

science lab
science lab plug

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Fire Rating BS Part 476 Class 0 and Class 1
Color Options Custom colors available on request
Breaking Strength Highest in Drop Ball Test
Warranty 10 years

Helpful Answers To Most Common Questions

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What makes your 25mm surfaces ideal for educational environments?

Velstone offers non-porous, easy-to-clean, and highly durable surfaces that are tailor-made for the demanding conditions of educational settings, from worktops, science labs, food rooms and reception areas.

Are your surfaces customisable in colour and finish?

Yes, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes, including custom options to match specific design themes, meaning each installation can be customised to suit any specific branding requirements of the institution to enhance the learning environment.

Why is the 25mm thickness important?

Our 25mm thick Velstone solid surface was specifically developed for laboratory worktops in educational and research facilities. Traditional solid surface laboratory tops are manufactured using 3-13mm thick solid surface material bonded on 25mm thick MDF, a process which is labour intensive and expensive. Our 25mm thick product does not need conventional fabrication or MDF support. Factory pre-finished and ready to install, our 25mm worktops are supplied at considerable cost savings.

Can your surfaces be used in high-traffic areas like school corridors and libraries?

Absolutely, the versatility and resilience of our surfaces are designed to withstand heavy use and remain visually appealing over time.

What is the warranty period for Velstone surfaces?

We offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all its solid surfaces for peace of mind.

“Velstone supplied us with a nice, good quality solid surface for the ADORA MAGIC CITY project in China which was easy to fabricate.”


“Velstone, led by the outstanding team of Sameer and Alex, is an exceptional supplier for our business. The materials and service we receive consistently exceed our expectations, ensuring our projects run smoothly.”

Paul Harrison, Needs Ltd, UK

“JMP Furniture Solutions Ltd have been using Velstone on various projects for several years, Great company to work with, the team have great product knowledge. Would highly recommend.”

Mick Fowler – JMP Furniture, UK

“We have a long standing relationship with Velstone. They offer a professional & reliable service. Great technical support for all our installation projects.”

Clare Whitehurst (Klick Technology)

“We have been working with Velstone for about 14 years on various laboratory projects and they always provide a professional and friendly service.”

David Robinson (Shield Interiors, UK)

“We have used Velstone on many of our contracts, it’s a great product and they offer a reliable service, would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Mark Chapman – (Rowlinson Construction, UK)

Our Materials

A natural, 100% non-porous product for the perfect seamless solid surface

Velstone’s core is natural mineral, Alumina Tri-Hydrate, known for fire safety and strength. It’s blended with advanced resins and cast using cutting-edge technology to create a non-porous surface that resists bacteria growth, perfect for hygiene-conscious spaces.