Velstone for HTM 63/Healthcare Solutions

Velstone Solid surface is ideal for use in HTM 63/Healthcare installations as it is:

  • Non porous: Solid surfacing material is non-porous and provides a sterile surface.
  • Seamless: Velstone surfaces joint using recommended adhesive will allow a seamless joint, which forms a critical aspect of HTM 63 specification.
  • Stain-Resistant: Tops are very user friendly requiring little care and maintenance. Stubborn Stains, Scratch marks and/or Scorches from Heat and can be removed using recommended products.
  • Repairable at an Affordable Cost: Most 25mm Velstone tops are repairable on-site using Velstone repair kits.

25mm Velstone for HTM 63 Worktops

HTM63, as per its stringent hygiene requirements, needs a continuous surface to prevent dirt and dust to accumulate at seam lines. Typically a standard laminate worktop with square edge banded laminate strip will necessarily show a joint. Post forming grade laminate can be bent down over the edge of the worktop and similarly bent for an integral up stand. There is however a minimum bending radius for post forming grade laminates which necessitates machining a ‘double bull-nose’ to the front edge detail. A half round profile is not possible with laminates because it will still show the joint where it meets the balancing laminate.

25mm Velstone worktops do not have such limitations and a conventional pencil round profile on Velstone will achieve the same objective as set within the HTM 63 specification.

Conventional solid surface top comprises of 12mm~13mm thick sheet bonded onto a MDF substrate. Velstone’s 25mm product is homogenous and does not need any additional support. It’s the single solid content means:

  • Surfaces meet the criteria and specification (see drawing) of the HTM standard without the need for an additional substrate as is required by conventional solid surfaces
  • Due to its homogenous structure, 25mm surfaces can be cost effectively machined to HTM 63 specification. which hitherto was unavailable ion solid surface
  • 25mm Velstone surfaces offer greater heat and moisture resistance with enhanced durability

Velstone in 25mm thickness is an ideal solution for HTM63/Healthcare work surfaces where Hygiene, durability, and performance have to be guaranteed at an affordable cost.

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