The drive towards protecting and sustaining our environment is of imperative importance to Velstone. Our efforts are visible from manufacturing to packaging of the products. Velstone has identified key areas through which it ensures effective enforcement of its Environmental Concern and Social Responsibility:

  • Efficient use of land, materials and energy is a priority for Velstone in order to minimize the impact our production may have on the environment. Velstone Ltd. has invested in state of the art technology, which has substantially reduced manufacturing wastes.
  • We also reuse or recycle our products where possible. Unused or faulty sheets are put back into the production line and are ground down into grains which may be applied to a new design.
  • Velstone products are transported on reusable timber pallets and we encourage all our customers to return these pallets for re-use.
  • Velstone products are sustainable and durable to withstand daily wear and tear. Its non-porous surface also allows for easy care and maintenance.
  • Velstone products are repairable and may be renewed to look like brand new. The user can remove minor surface damage, scratches or stains with less difficulty. Even major damage, in most cases, is repairable by a qualified tradesman. As a result, it is an ideal sustainable product.
  • Velstone has been awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Royal Institute of Health & Hygiene annually since 1994. Thus, having a low impact on the surrounding environments and promoting a clean continuous surface that does not encourage bacteria growth or the build up of dust or dirt.
  • Velstone products have also been awarded both BS476 part VI Class O and BS476 part VII Class1 Fire ratings. Velstone becomes an automatic choice for public spaces or areas where fire related performance is imperative.

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