How is Velstone different from other Solid Surface Materials?

  • Highest Fire Rating, Class ‘0’ as per BS476 Part 6and Class ‘1’ as per BS476 Part 7
  • Highest breaking strength for “Drop Ball Test”.
  • Custom colours at no extra charge*
  • Custom sizes to minimise the cutting waste*.
  • Wide range of thickness:- 6mm, 13mm, 25mm and 30mm.

Can you send a sample box containing the full range of colours?

Yes. Please contact Velstone on info@Velstone.com or 0208 8614422 to source a complete sample case.

Can Velstone exactly match the colours of other products?

Velstone is renowned for successfully matching RAL & Dulux colours. Velstone can also accept digital images or objects for colours to be matched. Please contact for further information.

Can you supply a Dark Solid colour, i.e. Black, Green, Blue or Red?

Velstone does not recommend dark solid colours for horizontal installations. The dark solid colours must be finished in a high gloss, which is difficult to maintain on counters. Minor scratches are likely to be distinctly visible. However, Velstone will manufacture dark solid colours of your choice, subject to this understanding.

Can Velstone be used for exterior applications like signage, wall cladding?

Yes, provided that it is correctly installed. Velstone has been tested for simulated
outdoor exposure. As is the case with all polymer based products, possibility of
weathering effect should be taken into account when exposed to sun over years.

Can Velstone be used for flooring?

Yes, provided the correct thickness and installation techniques are used.

Can Velstone be thermoformed?

Yes, provided the correct thermoforming procedure is followed. The minimum bending radius is dependent on the thickness and width of the sheet.

Are Velstone kitchen sinks available?

Velstone recommends use of Stainless Steel or Ceramic sinks.

Are special moulded shapes available?

Yes, subject to quantities and the detailed drawings. Velstone does not take the responsibility for the application suitability or the performance of the shaped product/s.

Will there be a shade/pattern variation between one batch and another?

Although all efforts are made to minimise the variation, there may be a slight batch to batch variation. One of the main constituent’s of Velstone is natural mineral. It is therefore advisable to pre-match the sheets prior to fabrication. The shade variation in Velstone is only fraction of the variation in natural materials like granite or marble.

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